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Corporate Social Responsibility

Toshiba Group, a "corporate citizen of planet Earth," playa a proactive role in protection the global environment, respects diversity in culture and customs, and promotes management grounded in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our CSR management emphasizes the concept of 'integrity' with two connotations: to meet responsibilities to societ, and to secure sound management practices and finances.

CSR Management

CSR management is implemented by the CSR Division, which reports directly to the President. Policy is made by the CSR Governance Committee, consisting of the head of the CSR Division (Corporate Senior Vice President) and concerned executives, with the attendance of the President and the Chief CSR Officers in each in-house company and group company. The committee develops CSR Action Policies and the CSR Medium-term Plan, which provide the basis for steady implementation of action plans, including monitoring the progress of CSR, conducting CSR education and holding the annual Toshiba Group CSR Conference.

Global Initiatives

As a global company, Toshiba respects human rights, the environment, labor rights and anti-corruption, and has been a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact since 2004. Diverse social contributions include Toshiba Group 1.5 Million Tree-planting Project, a worldwide forest project scheduled for completion in 2025, the 150th anniversary of Toshiba; and science and technology education for young people in Japan, China and North America. Toshiba Group also supports the Pink Ribbon Campaign that encourages screening for breast cancer and provides support for victims of major disasters.

Toshiba Group practices environmental managment that promotes harmony with the Earth, contributing to the creation of a richer lifestyle for society.

To realize Environmental Vision 2050, we are promoting both the creation of new value and harmony with the Earth

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Environmental Management

Toshiba Group has defined environmental goals for coming years in its "Environmental Vision 2050", a road map to the future that will support us in enhancing the value and ecoefficiency of products and business processes and in securing significant reductions in carbon dioxide emissions. As Toshiba contributes to a world where people live richer lifestyles in harmony with the Earth, we are seeking to become one of the world's foremost eco-companies. To this end, Toshiba Group has developed and promotes three "green" initiatives to reinforce "Toshiba eco style" as a global brand: Greening of Process, Greening of Products and Greening by Technology. Green Management supports these initiatives.

  • Greening of Process

    A determination to minimize environmental impacts from manufacturing activities drives efforts to improve the efficiency of production facilities and process. Diverse energy-saving measures include introducing LED lighting and other energy efficient equipment into clean rooms and manufacturing sites, thus reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

  • Greening of Product

    With "eco-target" Toshiba Group has established criteria for achieving the highest levels of environmental performance at the stage of business strategy and product planning, and the results are incorporated into product design and development. The group focuses on advancing technology, and continues to offer products and services that meet our responsibilities to society.

  • Greening of Technology

    Mitigation of climate change rests on technological innovation. Toshiba's contributions lie in developing low-carbon energy technologies, including nuclear power generation systems, photovoltaic systems, rechargeable batteries, smart grids (nextgeneration power supply networks) and carbon dioxide capture and storage systems.